Twitter Polls and Marketing

Data has become one of the most expensive items in the world today. Companies are actually paying millions and millions of money to get data on various issues. Data is a very important tool especially for a company that is looking to get and retain a strong clientele in whatever market space it is operating from. This is for the simple reason that for one to be able to get and retain customers’ loyalty, one has to be able to not only meet but also satisfy the customers’ needs. Meeting customers’ needs is one thing and satisfying them is a totally different thing. To able to do both effectively, one has to have a deep and clear understanding of their customer.  What makes them happy, what they are rally looking for in the market, how much money they are willing to spend, why exactly it is they are looking for that specific item among many other things. Even simple things such as whether or not a certain customer is married makes for very important information for a company looking to sell its products to that particular customer.

This is the one fact that makes data a very important tool for companies. Data allows companies to be able to understand their targeted market and come up with not only products that are tailored to them but also advertisements.  It is important to understand that when it comes to marketing, companies do not simply throw mud out there and wait to see what sticks, so to speak. A one size fits all approach never really works. You will even notice that certain advertisements are only aired at certain times; this happens because the research that the particular company has carried out shows it that its target audience is usually watching television at that particular time.

With the rise of social media, targeted ads have become such a real thing. With targeted ads, companies basically find out which customers are most likely to buy their products based on their recent online activity. The data that is collected from the various online platforms that the individual visits, the company will be able to tell whether or not that a particular customer would be interested in their product.In the event that the individual is a fit, then the company will start sending the individual ads on the various online platforms that they visit.

Twitter polls make for a very good source of data. If properly used and if the right questions are asked, twitter polls will work very well to attract the right kind of people towards the company. Not only that, participating in the poll will allow the company to get the much required data on the user then they can start targeting ads towards that specific user. Social media has become a very powerful marketing tool in the business world today and this has been majorly been attributed to the amount of data that users share on themselves on the various social media platforms.

Twitter polls can also work very well to help companies get the data that they need. Just make sure that the right questions are asked and everything else will work itself out.